The Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project (RJKIP) has begun a discussion on how the stalled construction of a cold store at Tikapur in the district could be resumed. The construction was stalled since February 6 earlier this year after finding faulty design in the foundation of the cold store.

The RJKIP initiated discussions with engineers and World Bank Groups on the estimated cost and design. The construction entrepreneurs and the project held discussion on the time it would take for accomplishment.

AM Kinara JV Dhangadhi was contracted for the construction of the cold store spacious for 1,000 metric tons of agro products on October 16, 2023. The project was contracted for Rs 70.06 million, giving time for 15 months. Of the total amount, the RJKIP would bear 80 percent cost, while remaining investments would be borne by the consumers.

The cold store would be an essential facility, especially for preserving the freshness and quality of locally produced tomato and potato. Chief of agriculture implementation unit in Tikapur, Bharat Kandel, informed that 5,221 hectares of land was used for producing potato in Kailali district. More than 85,600 metric tons of potato is produced in the land.