Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has urged one and all to observe this year’s Republic Day in special and constructive way for three days from May 27. A meeting held under chairmanship of Prime Minister Dahal at Singha Durbar today formed a ‘Republic Day Main Celebration Committee, 2081’.
Deputy prime ministers, ministers, mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, chief secretary of the Government of Nepal, the Chief of the Army Staff, mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, secretaries of the Government of Nepal, Gazetted first class officers, the Inspectors General of the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force and Director of the National Investigation Department are the members of the Committee.
The government has been observing Jeth 15 every year as the Republic Day since the establishment of republicanism on Jeth 15, 2065 (May 28, 2008) in the country. A decision was taken to organise programmes including illumination at public offices in Nepal and Nepali embassies and missions abroad.
The meeting also determined the programmes to be organised at federal government and central –level, Nepali embassies and diplomatic missions in abroad, the province capital, district and local-levels.
It also formed publicity sub-committees under coordination of Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as well as other sub-committees.