Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the relevancy of federalism will be provided that local governments ensure the dispatch of citizens-friendly services. In his address to a ceremony organised to mark an anniversary of the Khairahani municipality in Chitwan today, the Prime Minister sought accountability in services meant for the citizens. “The relevancy of federalism will be established if the local governments could deliver the citizens -friendly services and promote good governance,” he said. It is the responsibility of the local governments to implement rights meant for local levels, according to the Prime Minister who wanted to see citizens -friendly approach in the performance of local representatives, employees and security agencies. He expressed his hope that the Khairahani municipality would contribute to strengthening the federal governance system.

The Prime Minister claimed that the incumbent government has worked significantly in the areas of good governance and social justice, adding that such efforts as he said would help further strengthen the federal democratic republic.As he said, in the past 16 months of his term as the head of the government third time, he greatly focused on the enforcement of the federalism.During this period, two meetings of the National Coordination Council were concluded with significant decisions, he added.Conservation and multidimensional mobilization of natural resources, empowerment of rural economy, and the promotion of social indicators are among the works of a strategic importance that local governments could do with the delivery of other services in the best interests of citizens, according to the Prime Minister.”The proper implementation of a list of concurrent rights of the province and local governments will have a quality contribution to the strengthening of a rural economy and the building of a national economy,” he added.
Stating that he was saddened to hear the frequent news of loss of life and property due to the human-wildlife conflict in areas around the Chitwan National Park, although the Park enlisted in the World Heritage Site list is a matter of pride for all, PM Dahal shared that the Forest Act is to be amended to create a condition so that the locals can take maximum benefits from the national park by minimizing and managing the human-wildlife conflict.

“The problem of flooding and erosion during the rainy season causes loss of life every year in eastern Chitwan including Khairahani. The government will coordinate with the local levels for the safety of the citizens by embanking the rivers such as Rapti Khola, Kayar Khola, Dhungre Khola, among others,” he added.PM Dahal said he is aware of the municipality’s tireless efforts to serve the people, advance the journey of development and prosperity here, stating that disparity between East Chitwan and West Chitwan will not be allowed.He said that east Chitwan is a fertile ground for democratic and left-wing movements. “The question whether east Chitwan has been given due importance by the state and the government is raised by the public.

I have also felt about it.”Prime Minister Dahal said that the government is in the final preparation of the policies, programmes and budget for the next fiscal year, and efforts will be made to address the problems of East Chitwan. He mentioned that the problem of the people here will be solved through the next year’s budget.”For the development and prosperity of East Chitwan and Khairahani municipality, it will be included in the next year’s policy and programme and budget on behalf of the state,” he said.Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that the government is also working to end the conflict between wildlife and humans.”Some laws related to the said problem have been amended by ordinance. It has opened the way to reduce the conflict between animals and people and to move forward in a new way on the structure of the buffer zone and the national park,” the PM further added.