To the sheer irresponsibility of contractor and of oversight bodies, a 2.2 km stretch along the mid-hill highway falling in Kaski district is awaiting pavement for nearly two years.The four-lane road from Harichowk-Yamdi of Kaski district under the mid-hill highway is smooth, but the 2.2km stretch left unpaved for 22 months.According to the highway project office in Parbat, the construction and upgrading works of the road section did not pick the pace due to negligence on the part of the Motidan Construction Service Pvt Ltd.

The contractor company was awarded the contract in August 2022 to complete the road within two years but much to the dismay, the works remains incomplete, informed Kalpana Adhikari, office chief.The deadline for contract has been extended till mid April next year since the construction works remains incomplete, said Adhikari.

Other factors contributing to the delay in construction of the road are problems related to electricity poles, drinking water pipe management and payment, she explained. She further divulged that they were going to terminate the contract but considered to extend the dealing after the contractor company reaffirmed its commitment to accelerate the work.

The office chief also admitted that the delay on the part of their project office for make timely payment to the contractor companies also affected the construction works to some extent.Passengers who travel by this road section are also facing inconvenience due to the unpaved road. Not only has their journey become tedious but also more difficult because of puddles and potholes developed along the road section, they complained.

There’s increasing risk of road accidents due to the deplorable condition of the road section on which hundreds of vehicles move to and from western belt of Parbat, Baglung, Myagdi, Mustang, Rukum Purba among other districts on a daily basis.The road is the main one in the locality that connects it to the capital of Gandaki province, Pokhara.