The month-long grand religious gathering, the Purna Mahakumbha Mela, in Chataradham in Sunsari district concluded on Friday receiving as many as 4 million pilgrims, vice-chair of fair organizing committee Kisan Thapa told the RSS. The fair was started on April 9. The pilgrims from home and abroad visit the grand religious fair in Barahkshetra Municipality-1 of Sunsari. The federal government had provided Rs 7 million and Rs 5.5 million from the province government to organize the fair.

In Barahakshetra, the Kumbha Mela is being organized since 2059 BS, with the Ardha Kumbha Mela held every six years and Purna Maha Kumbha Mela every 12 years. President Ramchandra Paudel had inaugurated the fair. Kumbha Mela has been organized for a long time in four places in India Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh), Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh), Nashik (Maharashtra) and Haridwar (Uttarakhand).