Prime Minster Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the government is sensitive to the citizens’ health and working accordingly.In his address to a programme organised to mark the 22nd Establishment Day of the National Academy of Health Sciences (NAMS) here today, the Prime Minister said implementation of the citizens’ fundamental rights is the special priority of the government.”It is the responsibility of the State to promote the implementation of the fundamental rights of each citizen achieved through a tremendous struggle and sacrifices. The government is serious about this. Social security programme in health services is also the top priority of the government,” he said.
Stating that 2,800 beds in government-run health facilities have been allotted to patients from poor, indigent communities and who are helpless, the government head said provisions are in place to provide vaccines against uterine and breast cancers at a free of cost. The effort to dedicate 10 percent of all hospital beds whether they are of government, community, or private cones to indigent and helpless people carries a significant value for the improvement of citizens’ rights.He utilized the forum to call on the NAMS to facilitate in fulfilling the State’s responsibility to increase citizens’ access to quality healthcare services. He also pledged full support on his behalf to establish the NAMS as an academic institute of international standards in cooperation with national and foreign academic bodies.
Prime Minister Dahal shared that he has taken initiatives to make the service delivery of Bir Hospital effectives since he assumed the post.
He further said that he has given priority to bringing all the beds and operation rooms into operation, operating the services in two shifts. In the programme, Dr. LochanKarki, Rector of NAMS, requested that NAMS should not be separated from Bir Hospital immediately until its own hospital is built. “There is a debate going on about the separation of NAMS and Bir Hospital.If these two bodies are separated immediately, it seems that there will be problems in many matters”, Rector Dr. Karki said, “All the educational programmes currently running at NAMS will be closed and it may also affect the services of the hospital itself. There should be a comprehensive discussion on this.” He informed that the scope of NAMS has been further expanded. Similarly, Dr. Santosh Paudel, director of Bir Hospital, drew the attention of the Prime Minister to develop Bir Hospital as a specialized hospital for quality health services in the country.
“The area of service provided by NAMS is wide but there are challenges in Bir Hospital within NAMS. The bed has not been able to operate at full capacity. Due to the lack of budget, we have not been able to manage the service delivery further smooth and effective”, said Paudel.According to the responsibilities of the three levels of government, if we can concentrate the responsibility of specific services, we can provide more quality services. The hospital should be developed as a referral centre.”On the occasion of its 22nd foundation day, NAMS has honored the first Vice-Chancellor Dineshnath Gangol and Dr Upendra Devkota (posthumously), Dr Raviraman Neupane, Dr Niroj Banepali and Dr Mukesh Prasad Yadav.
Dr Raviraman Neupane, Dr Niroj Banepali and Dr Mukesh Prasad Yadav, who have passed out from NAMS at different times, have also been awarded.