The Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) has made a due payment of Rs 480 million to farmers. The DDC made the payment in 13 days with the rise in the sale of milk products in the month of Baisakh. Acting General Manager of the Corporation, Rajendra Prasad Adhikari told RSS that it was easier to pay the dues to the farmers with an increase in the sale of milk products (milk, curd, paneer, mohi, lassi and ice-cream) with the onset of summer season.

“The sale of milk products has increased by 50 per cent in summer, which has increased cash flow and gradually eased farmers’ payments and other clearance”, the official said. DDC has paid Rs 100 million in Biratnagar, Rs 10 million in Janakpur, Rs 80 million in Hetauda, Rs 42.5 million in Lumbini, Rs 27.5 million in Nepalgunj, Rs 15 million in Dhangadhi and Rs 130 million in Kathmandu region, the sources informed.