The World Stroke Day, 2023 is being observed today in Nepal with various programmes. The slogan for the Day, 2023 is ‘Together We are #Greater Than Stroke’. Observed globally annually on October 29, the day that serves as a reminder of the prevalence and impacts of strokes on individuals and communities worldwide is dedicated to raising awareness about the disease, its prevention and treatment. Strokes often referred to as brain attacks are a leading cause of disability and death globally.

According to Dr Raju Paudel, President of the Nepal Stroke Association, over 13 million people are paralysed worldwide every year. One person is paralysed every six seconds and one in four persons is paralysed. He said the Association was providing training in various hospitals and health institutions and had set the standards to treat strokes. Established in 2017 BS, the Association has been working in collaboration with the Nepal Stroke Project with the help of the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany. It has been researching the current situation of strokes and has sought ways to treat them.