The Barahapokhari Rural Municipality in Khotang district has exported goats worth Rs 17.5 million to Kathmandu in this festive season. A total of 875 goats were sent to Kathmandu by five different groups of intermediaries. The rural municipality is considered as a pocket area for goat farming. Chief of Livestock Section of the rural municipality, Ashish Banjara, said that total cost of the goat exported from the rural municipality is more than Rs 17.5 million calculating Rs 20,000 for each goat. The intermediaries had visited the farmers’ doorsteps to purchase the goats.

It is said that some of the farmers have earned upto Rs 600,000 each after selling goats. Banjara shared that the goats were taken to Kathmandu from Khotang district on October 18 and 19. Moreover, the farmers themselves have also taken the goats to Gaighat in Udayapur district for sale. Officials and business community said that he-goats worth millions were exported to other districts from Khotang in this festive season, making the goat farming a lucrative business. However, the farmers can make more profits if the local government worked on developing supply chain of the goods produced in the district.