The Chandragiri Municipality has taken initiatives to provide house rent to those who are on the verge of displacement after land collapse in the eastern section of the Nagdhunga Tunnel Route. Mayor of Chandragiri Municipality Ghanshyam Giri has taken initiatives for the same after holding a meeting of the municipal disaster management committee on Thursday. The meeting on Thursday decided to recommend to the concerned bodies to provide house rent to the affected ones from immediate effect. As decided, the district administration office and other bodies have been recommended to provide Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 in house rent per month to the affected households.

Eleven households have recorded their status of displacement after the collapse of the land there due to the construction works. Mayor Giri said that those 11 households will be relocated immediately and management of other families would also be done on the basis of severity of the issue. He further said that other issues including the compensation would be discussed once the detailed survey report of the geological study was availed within three months. A breakthrough was successfully conducted in the construction of the rescue tunnel of the Nagdhunga-Sisnekhola tunnel in August, three years and seven months of the beginning of the construction.

The length of the main tunnel of the project is 2,688 meters. The Nagdhunga Tunnel Construction Project is the first of its kind in Nepal and its objective is to improve the road condition around Nagdhunga pass, thereby contributing to achieve the smooth transportation network and improve commercial activities between Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal. It would also save time and reduce the consumption of petroleum products and reduce air pollution. The construction of the tunnel began in October 2019 and is expected to complete by April 2024.