Online applications have been sought for the participation in the historic Liglige race of Gorkha scheduled to take place on coming October 18.The event to be organised by the Liglig Development Campaign will symbolically declare a ‘ruler’ of Ligligkot for the next one year. According to Campaign Chairperson Sanjiv Rana Magar, anyone interested in taking part in the competition shall apply via online by October 12.

The race, spanning 13.8 kilometer-race in open category, will start from Chepeghat that lies along the border of Gorkha and Lamjung and will conclude at Ligligkot Gadhi of Gorkha. The event will be held in three different categories: open, for local participants and for students, with varying distances.
Winners in different categories will receive cash prizes ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 100,000.
Ligligkot, one of the 22-24 principalities in existence before Nepal’s unification, used to observe the selection of its ‘king’ through this race competition. The event is held in commemoration of this historical practice.